Galvanise Brighton & Hove is governed by a Management Committee, a group of community volunteers, including a member from every active Ambition Development Group. The Committee structure includes a Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. 

The Management Committee meets roughly once a month to discuss ongoing plans, actions and strategy, and the notes from each of these meetings is available below, bar any personal or sensitive information. Please get in touch at if you have any thoughts. 


GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

28th June 2018

1.    Emily gave a summary of the Housing First Conference she attended in Scotland – she is sharing the Public Health report and notes with the group.

2.    Review of previous actions. Emily is circulating the constitution for the Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer to sign. Kerry and Atholl to complete set up of the bank account.

3.    It was decided minutes from each Management Committee (MC) meeting will be posted on the website to ensure transparency and accountability. 

4.    GalvaniseBH new email address. Sally updated that the new email address allows multiple users to be added with their own project name and own log-ins. Email Sally if you want a project team email address.

5.    Ambition Development Group (ADG) updates. Emily reported the Housing First meeting went well, with positive actions. James is arranging a meeting for the Modular Housing Group, there was discussion about whether to combine with the Housing First group. James to confirm plans with Emily. Aisling to ask member of the PRA at living Rent ADG to represent their group on the MC. 

It was also agreed ADG coordinator emails could be shared amongst the groups to facilitate knowledge and ideas sharing.

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

5th July 2018

1. The launch event venue was discussed, with the Management Committee (MC) deciding on One Church on Monday 16 July from 6-8pm. James will confirm this at a meeting on Tuesday 10 July.

2. Sally discussed the invitation and guestlist for the event. Sally to update and send around invitation and updated guestlist to the MC. 

3. Discussion on the event structure, who to invite as guest speakers and who to present on each section. James to ask relevant people to speak at the event, Sue to update a presentation and send to Kerry and Sally, and Sally to send around an updated session plan to the MC. Sally to send Sue slides from the Innovation Event and Emily to send Sue text from a previous presentation.

4. Discussion on the events purpose. 

5. Atholl discussed the issue of strategic leadership – how to keep GalvaniseBH connected to the wider community. Emily suggested using the day of consultant time to address this – it was agreed to raise this following the event.

6. Emily updated on the report progress. Emily continuing to draft report, and Sally to check in with printers.

7. Atholl discussed the bank account set-up process. All members of the GalvaniseBH Management Committee present agreed that an account would be set up with the chosen bank. These funds are to be used for all activity working towards ending rough sleeping in Brighton and Hove. The officials of the bank account will be Atholl and Kerry, with a third name to be added. Sally to send Atholl copy of the signed constitution document.

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

16th July 2018

1. Discussion about the launch event postponement. James to update on venue availability.

2. Discussion on the need for a campaigning group. Arguments put forward that we need to look at the result findings and identify gaps that we have a chance of impacting. It was suggested Fiona lead this group, and she discussed a contact she had that was wanting to bring businesses together to help get people back into work. 

3. Emily gave an update on the report, and we recapped what rough sleepers had told us they want during Connections Week - we have done nothing around paid employment yet. Discussion about whether the report should use data from other sources.

4. Update on the Ambition Development Groups. RR suggested that there is an overlap with the PRA at Living Rent and local providers offering units (Every Home Makes a Difference). Kerry to discuss with RR. 

5. Discussion about the need for a policy for future funds raised. Greg mentioned a contact that would like to contribute to the campaign, and the MC discussed where this would best fit. Emily and Atholl are developing an options paper for Greg.

6. Emily updated on her ADG’s progress - they are doing a feasibility study, and may need a planning consultant. Atholl updated on the Self Help ADG, and their planned outing on Friday 20 July. Aisling to write a short summary post-outing.

7. Discussion about how we best reach rough sleepers with complex needs, as many of the current ADG’s are geared towards those with low or medium needs.

8. The World Habitat webinar on political advocacy took place on Wednesday 18 July. Greg listening in.

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

1st August 2018  


1. Atholl updated the Management Committee (MC) about the bank account - it has now been finalised.

2. Atholl updated about the Brighton and Home Ambition Development Group (ADG) and its trip to a self-help project in London on Friday 20 July. 15 people visited the project and two converted properties. The next stage is to set up a workshop, find a workshop space and write a second project business proposal. Atholl and Aisling to send Sally images, quotes and video.

3. Atholl updated about the architect contact and possible funding for GalvaniseBH - he has been invited to go in and meet the team to discuss feasibility and next steps.

4. Emily informed the group that the Housing First/ Modular Housing ADG has a meeting coming up with a local organisation to discuss modular housing land. Meeting to take place on Monday 13 August. Emily sharing a business plan on the costs of flipping shared housing.

5. Kerry and Rebecca informed the group that they had met to discuss the overlap between the Every Home Matters and Living Rent ADGs.

6. Rebecca updated on the Living Rent ADG - it is doing research about the work being done in other cities, and it hopes to speak with similar projects. It may get in touch with the London Renters Union. 

7. James was unable to log on to the World Habitat webinar on political advocacy, but is getting a recording to share with the MC.

8. Emily discussed ways to expedite the report writing. The MC discussed the need for a designer - Sally to put a call out on social media for volunteers. 

9. James is asking the event venue about their availability in the last two weeks of September.

10. Discussion about the money going to Umbrella Brighton and Hove, how it works, the process and how to get feedback at certain intervals.

11. Emily showed us a presentation she put together for the Safeguarding Adult Board.

12. Kerry to circulate possible dates for the next MC meeting.

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

3rd September 2018  


1. Sally updated on the transfer of funds to GalvaniseBH’s bank account. 

2. James updated on the World Habitat political advocacy webinar. He will forward the Dropbox recording for those that are interested in listening. The MC discussed the importance of campaigning and what we would need.

3. Discussion about the need to nail down GalvaniseBH's aims. Questions raised about what the purpose of the next planned event is. Do we need to think of a campaigning issue? Or is the format more of a community forum? MC to discuss this and the structure in the next MC meeting.

4. Discussion about the progress of the full report. Sue sharing the report with Sally and Fiona. Greg helping source a report designer. Kerry to support by doing data visualisations.

5. Sue informed the MC about asking public questions, where you sit in front of locally elected members. Fiona submitted question about the council’s commitment to the Housing First model. 

6. Discussion about how we can engage with the media once we have the full report.

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

18th September 2018  


1. Discussion about how to ensure more members of the Management Committee (MC) can make the meetings - decision to book in the next three meetings to allow maximum time to plan, and will avoid Tuesdays. Sally to send out invites.

2. Update on report. Decision to get the report ready for World Habitat’s European Campaign to End Street Homelessness conference. MC agreed to the fee for the report design. Sue to share draft report with Sally and Fiona for writing support. James asking contact about printing.

3. Discussion about submitting questions to future BHCC committee meetings. Sally to print and bring the list of future Committees to the next meeting. MC to decide which to publicly promote and ask for a GalvaniseBH supporter to attend/ get involved. Idea to hand over management of this to the community at the next event.

4. World Habitat’s European End Street Homelessness Campaign All City Annual Gathering is taking place in Amsterdam on Weds 28 November to Fri 30 November. MC members to put forward their names if they would like to attend. James finding out if other spaces are available.

5. Brief discussion on upcoming event - based on a few pertinent questions - groups to discuss?

6. Sally updated about payments made. Sarah to update on progress homing low need rough sleepers. Sally updated that YMCA DLG are processing the invoice from GalvaniseBH’s account.

7. Sally updated that our website domain renews on 1 October. We need to update the credit card details to pay the fee. Atholl to advise if we can change the details online using the GalvaniseBH info.

8. Kerry is a panel member at Think Nation’s Brighton Digital Festival on 13 October. James letting Kerry know if he can be a mentor on the day. Kerry sharing stuff for Sally to share on social media.

9. Sally drafted paragraph about GalvaniseBH for World Habitat’s blog for World Homelessness Day on 10 October. MC to agree on wording by 3 October.  

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

11th October 2018  

1. Discussion about how to ensure more members of the Management Committee (MC) can make the meetings - decision that each meeting will fall on the second Wednesday of the month. Sally to send out invites.

2. Discussion about BHCC Committees and Boards - decision to focus on the Health & Wellbeing Board, Neighbourhoods, Inclusion, Communities & Equalities Committee (NICE - next meeting 3 Dec) and Housing & New Homes (next meeting 14 Nov, recommend asking a question). Fiona to submit this question once drafted by Emily.

3. Funds raised have now transferred across. Kerry to write a formal thank you. Sally to thank via social media.  

4. Emily updated about the Housing First Ambition Development Group - she will update about a modular housing opportunity following a meeting on Weds 17 October.

5. Update about Umbrella - they have clients ready and the money ready, but they need landlords. Sally to do a shout-out on social media - get in touch with Umbrella!

6. Sally to forward draft report to Emily.

7. Discussion about what GalvaniseBH is - lobby and campaigning group? An organisation that raises funds and awareness - raises money for organisations that are evidence-based. Discussion about need to do Connections Week next year - to talk about further in the next meeting.

1. Discussion about how to update our supporters on what we’ve been doing since May. Idea to include a digital copy of the full report in an email update to go out early to mid-December. We will also use this opportunity to mention the community event. We will also mention the questions we’re posing to BHCC, and the success with the investigation into rough sleeper deaths. Sally to draft copy for this email and share with the MC for input.

2. Group discussion about the need for a community event next year. We would also discuss the need for volunteers to plan and help carry out Connections Week 2019. MC to discuss at next meeting.

3. Discussion about the ESH Annual Gathering. Filled out the questionnaire for the gathering together. James to finalise and send back to Celeste. Greg finding out about the Coracle referral process.

4. Think Nation event follow up - GalvaniseBH invited to attend meeting this Friday, where young people from the event will be presenting their ideas about how to use tech to improve our lives to Peter Kyle. Anyone able to attend let Kerry know asap.  

5. Sally updated that £115 has been raised for GalvaniseBH. Kerry to send them a thank you card, Sally to thank on social media.

6. World Habitat advised we still have a day of consultancy time - do any of the MC have an idea of what this could be used for? Please let Kerry know asap - by Tuesday latest.

7. Brief discussion about Connections Week 2019 - the resource need and logistics. We will need someone to coordinate the volunteers without resource from YMCA DLG. Decision to pick up planning for this after next year’s event.

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

14th November 2018  

1. Discussion about who can join the next World Habitat webinar on Thursday 31 January. James sending link around. MC members to see if they can join.

2. Update on the Amsterdam gathering from Aisling and James. There was a focus on Housing First at the conference, and Aisling and James suggested regular meet-ups with UK organisations facing similar issues. James was inspired by Torbay and raised the question of GalvaniseBH’s aim - is our focus influencing or replacing the Housing First model? Aisling to share photos with Sally for website/ social media.

3. Discussion about the need for a project manager role within GalvaniseBH. They would have oversight, come to all meetings, manage volunteers (including recruiting volunteers for social media/ website/ admin support). Kerry to flesh out an initial Job Description and share with the MC for thoughts and to decide rate. Working hours to be decided.  

4. Kerry updated about a Think Nation event. Sue and Emily invited to an event to talk about an idea young people bought up at the last event. They want to do a consultation. Kerry to send email explaining what this is, and when, to the MC.

5. Update about Umbrella and the need to find low-need rough sleepers. Discussion about a guarantor scheme.

6. All Ambition Development Groups to share updates with Sally to share with the wider MC.

7. James will be chairing the next MC meeting as Kerry is unable to attend.

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

9th January 2019

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

13th February 2019

1. Sally updated about the conversation with Ed about communications support. They can’t offer any day-to-day help, but ideas about wider comms strategy. Emily to ask about possibility of using an intern for a few hours a week to support on social media and website.

2. Discussion about the job description and what is needed, as it is different to the WHAT template we have. Decision to bring this up as a discussion point during the half day session with Lyndall.

3. Emily updated that she is meeting with ThinkNation and will let us know the outcome.

4. Aisling updated that Brighton & Home are waiting to hear about a funding bid for a coordinator role. Emily updated about possible investment if land can be found for modular housing. Questions around whether the Housing First group campaigns for the allocation of social housing. Aisling to bring more in depth update to half day session on 9 March with Lyndall. All other ADG leads to bring updates to this session.

5. Update on the Housing & New Homes committee question. James to pose rephrased question by 15 Feb

6. Sue and Emily will be attending the next World Habitat Annual Gathering in Bratislava in May/June.

7. Update that the volunteers at SWEP have been fantastic. Sally to do thank you on social media. Sally to talk to Greg and Sue about an event to thank the SWEP volunteers.

8. James to ask Rebecca to invite GalvaniseBH MC to the Fulfilling Lives event.

9. Sue updated on report. Discussion about it being out-of-date now and that we should put our energy into another Connections Week this year. We can then benchmark the data. MC to decide if they, and who else, should be in the subgroup to write the questionnaire.

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

20th March 2019


1. Kerry recapped the strategy meeting with Lyndall for those that were absent - focus of our year is Connections Week.

2. Discussion about the April event. Who is it for? Volunteers, businesses, activists, everyone. Possible venues. It needs to be an evening. Sally to share list with those on Google Drive. Others to send emails through to be added. The aim of the evening is to mobilise people for Connections Week and aid recruitment - we will talk about what we'd like to achieve and bring up the set of standards for all community groups that work within the homelessness sector to live up to.

3. Decision to form event sub-groups:

- date and venue - James and Greg (6-7.30pm suggested)

- volunteer liaison, guest list and invites - Sally and Aisling

- food - Sue and Sarah

- visuals - Sue possibly taking professional photos of homeless people. Sally sourcing big photo boards.

- event planning - Kerry, Sue and James

4. Sally to send social media log-ins to Sue, including website details.

5. Discussion on the report Patrick is putting together. Sue talking to Umbrella about anyone they've housed in terms of a case study, and ask about getting a case study from her contact. The main areas we've impacted - SWEP, volunteer engagement, including the community and bringing together people.

6. Brief discussion about the need for a new Treasurer.

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

17th April 2019


1. Discussion on the pre-Connections Week event. Sally to draft case study. Kerry send out Doodle Poll for date and send out diary invite of date to MC.

2. Discussion about the guestlist for the pre-CW event. Sally to invite MC to view guestlist on Google Drive and MC to come back with any changes or additions by set date.  

3. Jim making video to promote recruitment for, and involvement in, Connections Week.

4. Discussion about sourcing training slides from last event and how the dates need to be weekends and evenings. Emily and Sue to develop application forms and job description and put on website ready for pre-CW event.

5. Idea to have the debrief event in January 2020 - launch with the new year.

6. Sue has been selected to be the new Treasurer. Emily will be an extra signatory for the account.

7. Emily to send link for World Habitat Housing First Conference in Scotland to the MC.  

8. Emily to share good CW images with the MC.

9. Emily to help Sally and Sue with social media. Sally to send where source images etc.  

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

8th May 2019


1. 26 June confirmed as the date for the event, 13-16 October is Connections Week.

2. Update on HF and Mortality Review process and discussion about capturing the work we’ve done and building on it.

3. Actions;

James – will ask about venue for the event on the 26 June by 17 May 2019

Sally – will draft invite to have it ready for 17 May 2019

Emily – will send invite once venue agreed

Emily – will draft City plans power point for Bratislava and circulate for approval

James – will invite computer knowledgeable volunteer to the next meeting