Galvanise Brighton & Hove is governed by a Management Committee, a group of community volunteers, including a member from every active Ambition Development Group. The Committee structure includes a Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. 

The Management Committee meets roughly once a month to discuss ongoing plans, actions and strategy, and the notes from each of these meetings is available below, bar any personal or sensitive information. Please get in touch at if you have any thoughts. 


GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

28th June 2018

1.    Emily gave a summary of the Housing First Conference she attended in Scotland – she is sharing the Public Health report and notes with the group.

2.    Review of previous actions. Emily is circulating the constitution for the Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer to sign. Kerry and Atholl to complete set up of the bank account.

3.    It was decided minutes from each Management Committee (MC) meeting will be posted on the website to ensure transparency and accountability. 

4.    GalvaniseBH new email address. Sally updated that the new email address allows multiple users to be added with their own project name and own log-ins. Email Sally if you want a project team email address.

5.    Ambition Development Group (ADG) updates. Emily reported the Housing First meeting went well, with positive actions. James is arranging a meeting for the Modular Housing Group, there was discussion about whether to combine with the Housing First group. James to confirm plans with Emily. Aisling to ask member of the PRA at living Rent ADG to represent their group on the MC. 

It was also agreed ADG coordinator emails could be shared amongst the groups to facilitate knowledge and ideas sharing.

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

5th July 2018

1. The launch event venue was discussed, with the Management Committee (MC) deciding on One Church on Monday 16 July from 6-8pm. James will confirm this at a meeting on Tuesday 10 July.

2. Sally discussed the invitation and guestlist for the event. Sally to update and send around invitation and updated guestlist to the MC. 

3. Discussion on the event structure, who to invite as guest speakers and who to present on each section. James to ask relevant people to speak at the event, Sue to update a presentation and send to Kerry and Sally, and Sally to send around an updated session plan to the MC. Sally to send Sue slides from the Innovation Event and Emily to send Sue text from a previous presentation.

4. Discussion on the events purpose. 

5. Atholl discussed the issue of strategic leadership – how to keep GalvaniseBH connected to the wider community. Emily suggested using the day of consultant time to address this – it was agreed to raise this following the event.

6. Emily updated on the report progress. Emily continuing to draft report, and Sally to check in with printers.

7. Atholl discussed the bank account set-up process. All members of the GalvaniseBH Management Committee present agreed that an account would be set up with the chosen bank. These funds are to be used for all activity working towards ending rough sleeping in Brighton and Hove. The officials of the bank account will be Atholl and Kerry, with a third name to be added. Sally to send Atholl copy of the signed constitution document.

GalvaniseBH Management Committee Minutes

To be updated following the meeting.