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Connections Week 2019

Connections Week is back for 2019 and we need your help! At the end of 2017, 160 community volunteers in Brighton & Hove spoke to rough sleepers about their lives, hopes and aspirations. The purpose was to ensure that the views of homeless people feed into service redesign and to bring together different sections of society to discuss innovative housing solutions. 

Connections Week shifts:

Sunday 13th October: 9pm – 2am

Monday 14th October: 5am – 8.30am & 9pm – 2am

Tuesday 15th October: 5am – 8.30am & 9pm – 2am     

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Training Dates Now Released

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Current Volunteer Opportunities


We need a range of volunteers to help us with our upcoming Connections Week. Volunteers talk in the video below about how they found the experience.


Interviewer of People Who Are Street Homeless Roles

These volunteers will work as part of a small team going out into Brighton & Hove late at night or early in the morning to survey people living on the streets, to gather information to improve services. You need to be prepared to walk around the city for several hours - each session will be around 4 hours.

You need to be willing to engage with a variety of people. We strongly encourage people with an additional language to volunteer.

Team Leader for Interviewers

This role is the same as above but you also need experience organising people, either at home, at work or as part of a voluntary or social activity.

Hub Coordination and Support Roles

These roles support the volunteers by providing a safe space for them to start and finish their interview sessions. This involves keeping in touch with team leaders to make sure everyone is safe, providing an emergency response for complex issues, ensuring the smooth running of the outreach sessions and quality checking the returned surveys.

These sessions will take place early in the morning or late at night during Connections Week and each session will last about 4 hours.

Data Inputting Roles

This role involves inputting survey data into a database to generate reports, allowing better service development and delivery. This work will be during the day of Connections Week.

Data Analysts

We need data analysts to consider the collected data and produce informative reports. To volunteer, you need to be computer literate and have some experience in this field.

Report Authors

We need report authors who are able to turn the data we gather into an engaging report that will have real impact on a wide audience.

Graphic Designers

In order for the report to have the widest possible impact we are looking for Graphic Designers to design and format the report.

If you are interested in volunteering please register at

When will we need you?

Volunteers interviewing street homeless people, Hub Coordinator and support roles and Data entry volunteers need to be available on at least one of the following sessions:

Sunday 13th October: 9pm – 2am

Monday 14th October: 5am – 8.30am & 9pm – 2am

Tuesday 15th October: 5am – 8.30am & 9pm – 2am     

 Data analyst volunteers need to be available in the second half of October.

 Graphic designers need to be available in November once the data Analysts have completed their work.

 You will also need to be available for training before October – available shifts here.


Please email