What are Ambition Development Groups?

In March 2018, an Innovation Event was held to bring together the local community and homelessness sector to discuss innovative housing solutions and map out the resources needed.  During this event, a number of Ambition Development Groups (groups of people passionate about a particular housing solution) were set-up to implement some of the ideas throughout 2018. We are currently focusing on five of these groups, as below.  

Find out more about these Groups below, and get in touch at hello@galvanisebh.org if you'd like to join one or talk about setting a new one up! Meetings happen roughly once a month. 

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Housing First 

The Housing First model offers secure, long-term general needs (often self-contained) accommodation with intensive support to homeless people with multiple and complex needs and/or those who experience recurrent homelessness. This model offers a service without conditions for demonstrating tenancy readiness or for maintaining a tenancy (such as abstinence from substances). 

The group has raised questions with the Housing & New Homes Committee at Brighton & Hove Council. Housing First is now being expanded and clients will have access to good quality stable accommodation with support. There is more to do if you are interested please email us hello@galvanisebh.org.

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Every Home Makes a Difference is a a project where existing Supported Housing providers allocate one unit in each of their projects for rough sleepers. Those accessing the units may require support to maintain the tenancy and move on independently. 

The group are in discussion with existing providers.



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Living rent is defined as a rent in which a worker on an average wage would not be paying more than 30% of their wages in rent. We would like to work with the private rented sector to establish tenancies on living rents. 

We are still working in collaboration with partners but have re-focused our efforts to establish a good landlord scheme. For more information and to get involved please come and see us https://goodlandlordsbrightonhove.org/

We are supporters of the living rent campaign http://livingrent.org.uk/

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Modular housing 

This is good quality, cost effective accommodation that can be disassembled and re-assembled easily to make best use of vacant and/or brown-field sites that cannot be used for longer-term housing options. The length of tenancy can be anywhere from a year up to many years. 

Get in touch at hello@galvanisebh.org if you're interested in joining this group! 

For others working in this field visit http://equalfootings.org/