About The Campaign

The European Campaign to End Street Homelessness is a movement of cities working towards housing the most vulnerable people in our societies, co-ordinated and supported by World Habitat. At the heart of the campaign is the belief that communities need to come together if we are to successfully end rough sleeping by 2020. 

The campaign was launched in 2016 in Barcelona and Valencia in Spain, and in Croydon and Westminster in the UK. Over 1,000 volunteers have taken part to date. 

The campaign is volunteer led and has no affiliation to any organisation, although we are really grateful to all our supporters and sponsors.

Campaign principles

  • To involve and include people who are currently or have a history of rough sleeping in the development of solutions

  • To work toward evidence-based solutions that support the specific and evidenced needs and aspirations of people sleeping rough in the City

  • To support solutions that end rough sleeping, not actions that sustain those currently rough sleeping

  • To champion the principle that a Home is a Human Right

  • To recognise that street homelessness is a whole City issue, with whole City responsibilities and whole City solutions