Have you had enough of seeing people sleeping on our streets?

Working together as a community to end rough sleeping

Galvanise Brighton & Hove is a community-led campaign with local people working together to end rough sleeping

The aim is that no-one has the need to sleep rough in Brighton and Hove by 2020, in line with the aspirations of the city’s Rough Sleeping Strategy.

Galvanise Brighton & Hove (GalvaniseBH) is part of the European Campaign to End Street Homelessness, coordinated by World Habitat, and currently operating in 10 European cities. The project has seen over 1,000 volunteers survey rough sleepers in cities across Europe, from Valencia to London.

The campaign is supported by YMCA DownsLink Group, Brighton YMCA, St. Mungo’s, The Passage, Fulfilling Lives, Brighton and Hove City Council and a variety of community organisations and local businesses. To learn more about how organisations are continuing to work together to raise awareness about rough sleeping and how best to help the homeless, read about the Make Change Count campaign.

At the end of 2017, 160 community volunteers in Brighton and Hove spoke to rough sleepers about their lives, hopes and aspirations. The purpose was to ensure that the views of homeless people feed into service redesign and to bring together different sections of society to discuss innovative housing solutions. 

To find out more about the survey results, click here.

Watch this heart-warming short film by Toby Madden on how this campaign is being run across Europe.

What’s next?

It's a marathon, not a sprint

We're nothing if ambitious, and while we'd all like to snap our fingers and end street homelessness immediately, the reality is that seeing positive change can take time. A marathon is tough, but rallying together as a community and all working to the same aim is something really powerful.    

We're working on an event (date TBC, but it will likely be autumn) to update you on the campaign's progress. We'll be sharing the full report findings from our initial conversations with rough sleepers, and are keen to show how everything we're doing is evidence-based - led by the voices and opinions of people sleeping on the streets. This is also an opportunity for you to get involved or to reconnect with the campaign - we have identified some gaps in our efforts that we can't remedy without you.  

In the meantime, pledge your support for the campaign below, and make sure you're kept up-to-date with all the latest news and events. 


Ready to help?



Pledge your support to the Galvanise Brighton & Hove Campaign

One of the key aims of the GalvaniseBH campaign is to better galvanise the support of the wider community in helping tackle the problem of rough sleeping on our streets.

The campaign so far has shown that people in Brighton and Hove want to engage with this important issue, and we now want to turn hundreds of supporters into thousands. The more people that pledge their support, the more influence the campaign is likely to have, and the more we can do to end street homelessness.  

What pledging your support means:

1.       That you identify strongly with the vision of the campaign that no one should need to sleep rough in our City by 2020

2.      That you are happy for us to hold your email contact details and keep you informed as the campaign develops

3.      That when we speak out and look to have influence on the issue of rough sleeping in the City, you are happy to be counted as a supporter of GalvaniseBH