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Galvanise Brighton & Hove: An Update 

Following the Innovation Event (an event bringing together the local community and the homelessness sector to discuss innovative housing solutions, and to match recommendations with resources) in March 2018, the GalvaniseBH steering group has been working on how to best progress the campaign, establishing a more formal structure that enables us to better support rough sleepers into housing.

This campaign is community-led, so we wanted to share and explain the decisions we’ve made, and our thoughts on how we see GalvaniseBH progressing, with you. We welcome any thoughts at hello@galvanisebh.org.

What is the structure of the group managing the campaign?

GalvaniseBH is a campaign run by volunteers from many organisations across the city, with funds raised currently held by YMCA DownsLink Group (YMCA DLG). The campaign will now be forming as a separate entity with its own bank account, meaning we can better facilitate any funds and fundraise more easily.  

A constitution has been written to formalise the structure of the Management Committee (the group overseeing GalvaniseBH), listing the campaign’s principles and Committee’s powers, membership criteria and responsibilities.

What is happening with the Ambition Development Groups? Why is there no information on the website about the Group I was in at the Innovation Event?

We listened to your thoughts about which Ambition Development Groups were the most feasible, and had the most support, and are currently moving forward on five - Housing First, Self-Help Housing (previously community led housing), local providers offering units in existing projects, Modular Housing and private rented accommodation (PRA) at Living Rent. We’re keen for this process to be led by you, so other Ambition Development Groups will likely develop as the campaign progresses.

Each of the Groups is in the process of having set-up meetings, establishing a structure and mapping out their action plans. More information and ways to get involved can be found on the dedicated Ambition Development Group page.

How much money has been raised so far, and what’s it being used for?

YMCA DLG kindly committed 50% of funds from its Brighton and Hove Sleep Easy fundraising event to GalvaniseBH, and thanks to the hard work of the participants, volunteers and supporters, this amounts to just over £17,400.  

There has also been about £300 raised through Alcampo Lounge’s charity month sponsoring GalvaniseBH, and MEATliquor is currently running a promotion where £1 from each certain dish sold goes to GalvaniseBH.  

£11,000 of the money raised for GalvaniseBH is going towards resettling a small number of rough sleepers into their own homes, in partnership with local fund Umbrella Brighton & Hove. Those helped represent the small number of people GalvaniseBH met during Connections Week with low needs. The remaining funds will support the development of additional long-term housing solutions through the Ambition Development Groups.

How can I support the campaign?

We encourage anyone wanting to support GalvaniseBH to pledge their support on our website, which means we can reach you to tell you about upcoming events and opportunities to get involved.

We will also update the website and our social media accounts (@GalvaniseBH on Facebook and Twitter) with any opportunities to support or attend activities, groups or events. We enthusiastically encourage supporters to share their involvement in the campaign with their communities, and for those on social media to tag us in any posts.  

What’s next?

We will be launching the full report at an event in Brighton, the date is TBC. At this event, we plan to talk about the report’s findings, update you on the campaign’s progress and let you know how you can get involved.  

Working together as a community to end rough sleeping

Galvanise Brighton & Hove is a community-led campaign with local people working together to end rough sleeping

The aim is that no-one has the need to sleep rough in Brighton and Hove by 2020, in line with the aspirations of the city’s Rough Sleeping Strategy.

Galvanise Brighton & Hove (GalvaniseBH) is part of the European Campaign to End Street Homelessness, coordinated by World Habitat, and currently operating in 10 European cities. The project has seen over 1,000 volunteers survey rough sleepers in cities across Europe, from Valencia to London.

The campaign is supported by YMCA DownsLink Group, Brighton YMCA, St. Mungo’s, The Passage, Fulfilling Lives, Brighton and Hove City Council and a variety of community organisations and local businesses. To learn more about how organisations are continuing to work together to raise awareness about rough sleeping and how best to help the homeless, read about the Make Change Count campaign.

At the end of 2017, 160 community volunteers in Brighton and Hove spoke to rough sleepers about their lives, hopes and aspirations. The purpose was to ensure that the views of homeless people feed into service redesign and to bring together different sections of society to discuss innovative housing solutions. 

To find out more about the survey results, click here.

Watch this heart-warming short film by Toby Madden on how this campaign is being run across Europe.

What’s next?

Ambition Development Groups

The Innovation Event took place on Tuesday 27 March and was designed to bring together the local community and the homelessness sector to discuss innovative housing solutions, and to match recommendations with resources.

The evening centred on informal discussions in small groups around innovative housing solutions for rough sleepers and began the process of trying to identify resources which could help make these ideas a reality.

The ultimate aim of the evening was to form Ambition Development Groups focused around a select set of innovations that can be worked on throughout 2018. Check the Ambition Development Group page above to see how the groups are progressing and how you can get involved. 

Pledge your support for the campaign below, and make sure you're kept up-to-date with all the latest news and events. 


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One of the key aims of the GalvaniseBH campaign is to better galvanise the support of the wider community in helping tackle the problem of rough sleeping on our streets.

The campaign so far has shown that people in Brighton and Hove want to engage with this important issue, and we now want to turn hundreds of supporters into thousands. The more people that pledge their support, the more influence the campaign is likely to have, and the more we can do to end street homelessness.  

What pledging your support means:

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